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Asset management

Are you looking to create wealth in the long-term, secure your assets or grow your money? We provide individual, expert advice and support that is independent of banks and investment providers.

Based on your requirements and our comprehensive market overview, we develop personal investment concepts from the fields of investment funds, shipping investments, real estate funds, and film and media funds, as well as venture capital and private equity funds.

Your investment is in good hands, even after you sign the contract. Our advisers remain in touch with you, so that you can always rely on management and custody services guided by trust.

We help you make the right decisions!


You define the objectives – we will ensure they are attained!

The objective criteria of every investment are profitability, security and availability.


Working together with you the Baron Investment Team will analyse your personal requirements and expectations with regard to profit levels, risk readiness and liquidity requirements. Because this is the decisive basis when making the choice about the form of the investment.

We will give you detailed and reasoned information concerning the concrete risk-benefit factors and the probable future development of the various investment strategies. This will ensure that your decision has a solid foundation.

Baron Asset Planning

Optimal asset planning – your way

Baron Investment uses special software for its clients to support your personal adviser in working with you to develop an investment strategy.


Detailed financial calculations and simulations enable statements to be made about future developments. Several alternative scenarios can be created and compared with one another with regard to risk and profit.

Following agreement upon and the implementation of an investment plan, Baron Asset Planning will automatically monitor developments on your behalf using suitable indicators. In the event of a deviation from the defined parameters, your advisor will contact you directly. This continuous monitoring does not, of course, reduce the level risk for your investment, but you do however have the security of knowing that deviations will be identified at any early stage enabling us to discuss what appropriate action should be taken.

In addition to the continuous monitoring, your advisor will regularly discuss developments and investment results with you. This will ensure that your asset growth will remain optimal in the long-term.

Baron Research

We create long-term perspectives

Our in-house, independent market and economic research activities focus on developing future-oriented strategies.


Investment Funds
Thousands of open investment funds are on offer globally. We continually analyse the strategy and the developments within fund companies and as well as individual funds. Using this as our basis, we create internal rankings for the relevant funds with regard to each of the focal investment areas. These are continually updated and integrated into the advisory service we offer our customers.

International Business
The investor here has a wide-range of promising investment opportunities. In order to give our customers the best advice in this regard, we observe and assess the fundamental developments of national economies and the international implications. Depending on the wishes of the customer, the choice for a national investment strategy may be the end result of the advice proffered.

Customer-specific Research
For those customers with specific investment requirements and who place a consultancy order of a certain magnitude, Baron Investment offers customer-specific research and continuous coverage.

Investment funds

Investment funds will usually form the core of an investment securities proposal. Your advisor will specify the precise reasoning behind each respective proposal.


The advantages at a glance:

With the selection of the fund, you alone define your profit level.

The strategic combination of securities enables the personal risk to be minimised.

As an investor you have professional fund managers all over the world working on your behalf.

You can also conveniently save at irregular intervals without any obligation and access your fund assets at any time.

Once you agree to the suggested equity investment, your adviser will take care of all the rest.

Find out more about investment funds here: (Link “here” rather than “investment funds”)

Think innovative – develop capital investment strategies for the future

For more than 15 years, Baron Investment has been planning, setting up and managing capital investments that are attractive both economically and in terms of taxes in the fields of shipping investments, foreign real estate, private equity funds of funds and asset-building plans.

Our independence from banks, investment companies and insurers allows us to react flexibly to changing market conditions at all times. The comprehensive expertise of our network and our in-house research system allows us to develop innovative and financially appealing capital investments. Projects are selected solely according to strict performance criteria.

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