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Risk Management

The constant changes at companies and in their economic environment mean that the risk of entrepreneurial activity is higher today than ever before. Identifying key risks and efficient strategies for managing risk situations are essential to safeguarding a company’s success.

Analysis and support

Our risk management analysis is based on a comprehensive review of conditions on location.


This review includes talking to site management and staff, an inspection of company facilities and the evaluation of risk-relevant documents.

On this basis, we then draw up a detailed report comparing the status quo and the envisioned state of affairs as well as a catalogue of measures for reducing costs and risks. We also recommend an appropriate insurance programme and provide professional advice to help you make a decision.

Insurance brokerage

We represent your interests through our insurance brokerage firm Bernhard Assekuranzmakler GmbH International ( Bernhard Assekuranzmakler is not affiliated with any insurance company.


Our expert knowledge and network of local and international partners allows us to help provide comprehensive, affordable insurance protection worldwide.

We guarantee fast, fair processing in the event of a claim thanks to our local presence and our in-house claims department.

Our goal is optimal security in times of rapid change. We therefore offer our clients an annual meeting in which we critically re-examine the entire insurance concept and adapt it to changing conditions as needed.



Retirement and pensions

Ever since the German pension system was reformed in 2001, employees have had a legal right to occupational pensions. Employers may decide how to meet this obligation in practice. Baron Investment is your expert partner for retirement plans and pension schemes.


For over a decade, we have been successfully implementing retirement and pension concepts for larger SMEs. We provide independent advice on all matters concerning retirement, disability and surviving dependants’ benefits. We can also inform you about the five occupational pension options available:

  • Eligible investments Direct insurance
  • Retirement and pension funds
  • Provident funds and defined benefit schemes, both of which are tax privileged

We combine these options to develop the optimal strategy for you in line with your individual requirements and your company’s fundamentals. We want you and your employees to be satisfied!

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