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Baron Investment promotes and supports start-ups during their founding and growth phase. We can help your business get started with a solid foundation by providing private equity. Our involvement does not stop at financing. Instead, we also actively support you with our comprehensive expertise in implementing your business idea and developing business plans.

When it comes to spin-offs, our professional coaching services help management staff and teams successfully develop strategies, optimise ideas and master challenges.

But even if your idea is still in its infancy, we give you the opportunity to develop your innovative visions. We promote and support future-oriented entrepreneurs by setting up a technology centre (business incubator). In this context, our services focus on advising and supporting up-and-coming businesses in the fintech and insurtech sectors. We offer them many cost and development advantages, such as help looking for capital, affordable and flexible rental spaces in attractive locations, optimal infrastructure, funding and grant management, and other comprehensive services.

In addition, our years of practical experience in the global market and our extensive network let us help you establish international business relationships and look for sponsors, to additionally contribute to making your model profitable and sustainable.

Our consistent focus on the future forms the foundation for your success story.

Baron Cars and Ehrenamt24 are among the companies whose business development Baron Investment has supported.

Baron Carsharing and Rental-Cars AG

One day, two entrepreneurs in the automotive sales and leasing trade noticed that the market was lacking a provider of flexible procurement and leasing services for luxury vehicles that was not owned or dominated by a particular carmaker. That is when the idea for Baron Cars was born.

Thanks to the professional support of Baron Investment, the founders were able to develop an innovative concept for the leasing and procurement of premium vehicles:

  • The first step was to develop the original idea into a profitable business plan. Baron Investment GmbH supported the entrepreneurial duo with extensive expertise with a focus on analysing client structures, getting in contact with high-profile carmakers and developing successful marketing strategies by developing an appealing website, for example.
  • In addition, it also advised the founders in important financing-related matters and properly structuring the start-up process, ensuring financial and legal security throughout the initial phase of the business and beyond.
  • During the growth phase, Baron Investment also helped support the recruiting process and provided office space and staff that were perfectly tailored to the needs of the respective departments, thereby ensuring optimal coordination at all times.

The result? Baron Cars AG, a fast-growing start-up that was soon able to offer a wide selection of exclusive makes and models while meeting its clients’ individual needs.

The company’s resounding success allowed it to build the foundation for its international expansion within just a few months.

ehrenamt24 Benefits GmbH & Co. KG

For almost 70 years, BERNHARD Assekuranzmakler GmbH & Co. KG has been supporting and advising more than 15,000 clubs, associations and SMEs in all their insurance-related needs. Clubs and associations have long viewed the hidden champion from southern Germany as a reliable partner and advocate.

With the goal of mastering the handover from one generation to the next and taking a step into the 21st century in mind, clubs and associations have increasingly been approaching Bernhard Assekuranz in recent years to ask for professional support on their digital transformation journey.

These evolving demands inspired Bernhard Assekuranz to found the spin-off ehrenamt24, an aspiring start-up that supports clubs and associations in all digitalisation-related matters and helps them optimise existing processes accordingly while also upholding their traditional principles. The new company works with clubs and associations to develop and implement ideas designed to make the lives of club members easier and make club membership even more worthwhile.

ehrenamt24 supports clubs and associations actively by:

  • Working with them to develop innovative ideas designed to make club membership even more attractive
  • Rethinking and reworking existing offerings by developing and redesigning websites, for example
  • Digitalising existing tasks, such as insurance management, to generate efficiency gains and free up resources for achieving important club-related objectives

Baron Investment supported Bernhard Assekuranz in structuring the spin-off.

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