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Company Succession

A study by KfW Research shows that around 236,000 SMEs are planning a succession by the end of 2019. However, an appropriate arrangement for company succession is one of the greatest challenges for many owner-managed companies.

Baron Investment

Good preparation is the key to success! 

Early and serious planning is essential for a successful handover of your company to the successor generation. In addition to taking legal, tax and business management factors into account, it is very important to maintain the corporate culture that has been created.

Every business succession is an individual case with its own particularities. Baron Investment therefore helps you to shape the company succession according to your ideas and to support you in this process with our innovative instruments. In doing so, we advise you comprehensively on corporate law, inheritance law and family law.

Succession advice

Both demographic change and the increasing shortage of skilled workers make the search for a suitable successor more difficult. Baron Investment therefore acts as a serious advisor who creates trust and openly discusses the framework conditions and goals of the succession with you – from private asset succession to the structuring of your family business!

Succession advice

Valuation until Strategy

Company succession is a drastic and difficult step for both sides, which should be approached with experience and expertise.

With our expert team of lawyers and tax advisors, we specialise in creating tailor-made solutions for individual preferences regarding company succession. Our goal is to sensitise companies to the issue of succession at an early stage, as well as to define the steps in which the handover should take place on the basis of a comprehensive company valuation. Together with you, we develop alternative courses of action as well as goals for the company succession so that a strategy for the further procedure can be determined on the basis of this.

  • Company exposé & company valuation
  • Examination of the transferability
  • Tailor-made solutions & transparent communication
  • Development of framework conditions, goals & strategies
  • Tax, inheritance & family law advice
  • Years of experience of our lawyers, tax consultants
  • Access to support programmes

Succession advice

Design & Structuring

Various difficulties arise when implementing a company succession: It is important to maintain the corporate culture that has been created, but in times of increasing globalisation this is particularly difficult for owner-managed companies. Therefore, the right mix of sensitivity and internationality is important for an individual and tailor-made concept for succession.

Our expert advisors consisting of bankers, tax advisors & lawyers accompany you throughout the entire process. We check the transferability of your business and determine a fair purchase price. On this basis, we accompany negotiations with potential buyers and draft the contracts together with you. Innovative instruments such as transferor coaching and various financial aids help you to secure the process in the long term.

  • Support in the search for successors
  • Advice on restructuring
  • Design of negotiation phases & contracts
  • Determination of a fair purchase price for company acquisition & sale
  • Financial assistance & business start-up financing
  • Succession coaching
  • Coordination with lawyers & tax advisors
  • Considering corporate culture & using globalisation advantages

Succession advice

Accompaniment after handover

When it comes to raising capital, even today only very few companies can avoid traditional loans. Baron Investment therefore has a broad network of capital providers (banks, private equity, leasing, factoring, fintechs, etc.). With our contacts to more than 70 partner banks and leasing companies, you can find the financing that suits you best, thus easing the way to achieving your economic goals!

We prepare your loan documents, accompany you in negotiations with lenders and always strive to implement professional creditor relations. With the network of Baron Investment, you will find the right partner for your financing!

  • Search for and selection of suitable forms of credit (commercial loans, corporate loans, working capital loans)
  • Support in credit negotiations
  • Cooperation with over 50 banks for loan applications without a house bank
  • Guarantee of a surety bank in case of insufficient collateral
  • Contacts with over 25 leasing companies
  • Establishment of long-term creditor relations
  • Preparation of rating exposés

Variants of the handover

Every business functions in its own way and because of this individuality, the right form of business succession should be chosen. There are various options available for the transfer of a business. We support you in choosing the model that meets the individual needs of your business.

Variants of the handover

Stepwise transfer

For many companies, gradual participation under company law is the classic way of transferring a business. It can be carried out both within the framework of a gift and through a sale. The limited partnership (KG) and the limited liability company (GmbH) are particularly suitable for a gradual transfer to the successor.

    Variants of the handover

    Will & Inheritance Contract

    However, banks do not always agree with the ideas of entrepreneurs or refuse a loan due to a lack of collateral. Alternative financing methods have therefore long ceased to be financial niche products. Terms such as mezzanine financing forms, crowdfunding or venture capital are the best-known terms and should be considered by every entrepreneur who is interested in raising capital.

    The aim of our different financing methods is to present you with some alternatives to credit in view of the changed framework conditions of credit financing and to show you under which conditions your company can benefit from these diverging financing concepts.

    • Business Angels
    • Mezzanine forms of financing
    • Venture Capital
    • Private Equity & Participations
    • Credit from private investors
    • Crowdfunding
    • Leasing
    • Factoring
    • Securities or Lombard Loan
    • Subsidies

    Variants of the handover


    In the case of a gift, the business is transferred from the owner to the potential heir during his or her lifetime (anticipated succession). The transferee can prepare for his entrepreneurial role in peace and the senior has time to pass on his experience. The gift is particularly attractive in terms of tax law.

    Variants of the handover


    However, by selling his shares in the company, the owner makes a capital gain on which he has to pay income tax. The sale for a one-off payment has the advantage for the senior that he does not need to worry further about the future of the company, as he receives the agreed amount from the purchaser. In the case of payment by instalments, the time frame in which the agreed instalments are to be paid by the purchaser to the seller is limited to a maximum of ten years.

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