Safety in the future

Retirement provision

The statutory pension will hardly be enough to live on in old age. In order to maintain your standard of living, you will have to make private provisions. Which form of saving is best depends largely on your financial situation and life planning. We will help you with your planning!


Private provision

Employees who find out about their pension entitlements will notice that in many cases their pensions are not sufficient to live in dignity in old age. It is even to be expected that this problem will become even worse in the coming years. In the past decade, the state has therefore created opportunities to make additional private provisions for old age. In addition to the statutory pension insurance, there are state-subsidised models such as the Riester and Rürup pensions as well as occupational pension schemes.

Which form of savings is suitable for you depends on your personal financial situation and life planning. Therefore, make an appointment with the competent advisors at Baron Investment and plan your retirement without worries.

Perfect protection in old age

Riester pension

Reduce your pension gap in old age with the Riester pension and receive state support through allowances and tax benefits. 

Secure your standard of living

Rürup pension

Especially for the self-employed and freelancers, the Rürup pension is almost the only option for a tax-privileged old-age provision.  The amounts can be deducted directly from taxes. 

    Additional cover from the employer

    Company pension scheme

    With the occupational pension scheme, the employer secures his employees with a supplementary pension. For both, the conclusion of a company pension scheme is usually a win-win situation. In addition to the lower tax burden for the employee, the employer also benefits from significantly lower social security contributions.

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