Continuous risk analysis for the safety of your company!

Risk management

When it comes to your financial dreams and economic security, you must not bet on just one horse! To increase chances of long-term gains while minimising risks, your assets should be spread across different investments and markets.


Information changes situation!

Risk management aims at the continued existence of your company, the safeguarding of your goals as well as the increase of the company value. This integrative part of the organisational processes informs you at an early stage about possible risks, prioritises recommendations for action and helps you to make decisions that enable appropriate risk management.

Baron Investment helps you to identify hidden as well as known risks and, with the help of quantitative analysis and stochastic methods, to illustrate previously unknown causal relationships. In order to provide as complete a picture as possible, we cooperate closely with your company and, based on the data obtained, show you the alternative courses of action that will make your company more profitable and sustainable.

The right insurance

Whether insurance for trade, transport & logistics or manufacturing industry, with the insurance offers of BERNHARD Assekuranz you are on the safe side.

All-round protection for your property

The insurance needs of a commercially used property are manifold. A major building damage can endanger the existence of your business. Protect your foundation!

Baron Investment

Return-oriented risk consulting

Generally, different causes of risk are distinguished: The most common include the failure of payments or deliveries, the fluctuation of market prices and operational problems in the business. Furthermore, economic and political events have to be taken into account as they influence the market. Internationally operating companies have to factor in risks due to fluctuating exchange rates, different cultures and languages as well as geographical connections.

Baron Investment

Identification & assessment of risks

With Baron Investment’s proven analysis and early warning systems, you identify, analyse and evaluate potential risks that could jeopardise your assets, financial and earnings position in the medium or long term. Our analysis processes encompass all processes that are designed to manage your organisation with regard to risks. In this way, we provide you with the information that allows you to prioritise activities and make decisions for action at an early stage.

Our task is therefore to systematically identify opportunities and risks and to evaluate them with regard to their potential impact on your company. We provide you with comprehensive information through the following instruments: 

  • Asset/liability analysis
  • Yield and success analysis
  • Cost analysis/benchmarking
  • Property risk and occupational safety analysis
  • Liability risk analysis
  • Risk engineering services for the energy industry
  • Supply chain risk management
  • Cyber risk analysis
  • Risk financing strategy analysis


Strategic planning

After a comprehensive analysis of internal as well as external risk potentials, we create for you a systematic, timely and structured risk management approach that helps to enhance your operational performance and consolidate your financial successes.

We take into account the capabilities, perceptions and intentions of external and internal people who can help or hinder the organisation’s ability to achieve its goals – including employees, customers, suppliers and competitors. To increase your overall operational planning reliability, we offer the following planning concepts:

  • Strategic allocation planning
  • Investment strategy for capital investments (securities & private markets)
  • Investment policy planning
  • Loss potential forecasting & pricing
  • Capital modelling and allocation
  • Investment valuation
  • Risk consulting for financial service providers
  • Business interruption assessment

Baron Investment

Integration risk management

We see the risk management approach as an integrated part of your organisational processes and aim to ensure visible improvements in all areas – including: human health and safety, legal and regulatory compliance, public acceptability, environmental protection, financial performance, etc.

To continuously balance opportunities and risks, we integrate a risk management approach tailored to existing processes, control structures and decision-making systems that better communicates and supports decisions. Accordingly, appropriate organisational structures, reporting lines and decision-making bodies can be established and adapted. 

  • Risk management / controlling
  • Holistic risk report
  • Outsourcing of the risk management function
  • Business continuity management
  • Advice and support at the point of loss
  • Enterprise Risk Management

Baron Investment

Organisation & Monitoring

For an efficient function of integrated risk management, the appropriate and timely organisation of managers as well as employees is indispensable. All those involved should have a trained eye in order to be able to react dynamically and proactively to changes. A continuous monitoring system helps in the long-term implementation of risk management.

As internal or external events occur and context and knowledge change, risks are monitored and reviewed. This way, if new risks arise or circumstances change, action can be taken quickly. Therefore, the organisation should make sure that risk management can continuously identify and respond to changes.

  • Manager selection processes
  • Service and system selection
  • Transition management support
  • Private Markets (Equity, Debt, Infrastructure)
  • Real estate consulting and controlling
  • Training


Further training

Are you looking for scientifically based and experience-tested further training that will provide you and your employees with a systematic overview of the topic of risk management?

With us you will receive a broad basic training and learn the most important methods and instruments of risk management. With a trained team and the right early warning systems, you can reduce operational risk by up to 70%!

Baron Investment

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