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Support for start-ups

Regardless of whether you are founding a start-up or want to expand your young company – in order to achieve the economic goals of your start-up project, every person interested in founding a company must take care of adequate financing. In addition to an innovative business idea, you naturally also need a successful and sustainable strategy.


A secure foundation for your start-up!

The most important thing on the way to a successful start-up is always good planning. It is essential for anyone interested in setting up a business to find suitable financing methods. Only solid financing will provide you with the necessary freedom to build up your business and in the later growth phase!

Furthermore, as a founder you must bear in mind that you cannot implement your innovative idea on your own, but should trust in experienced partners. You will find this partner with us! Baron Investment has been promoting and supporting start-ups in the founding and growth phase for years. By providing investment capital and our network, we give your start-up project a stable foundation.

Millions for German start-ups

Millions for Finanzcheck from Hamburg and Munich: The topic of fintech dominates today’s start-up news. But Berlin also has exciting news to offer.

This is how a start-up can work

Many dream of owning their own business, but the road to the top is difficult – and the market is full of competition. Here are 10 tips for success.

Start-up support from A to Z

Whether you are still at the very beginning with your idea or you are already in the middle of the growth phase – with us you can realise your innovative business idea. Baron Investment supports you not only with financing, but also with comprehensive know-how in the development of business plans, in the concrete implementation of your business idea as well as in legal and tax issues.

Our future orientation forms the basis for your success story.

Start-up support from A to Z

Start-up advice

From the business idea to financing and implementation – a successful business start-up depends above all on good preparation. First of all, the financing needs must be determined. Then various financing options must be weighed up. A business plan is the key to a successful start-up. It describes your idea and maps out your capital requirements and liquidity planning so that you can convince investors and potential partners.

It is difficult, especially for inexperienced founders, to optimally implement the start-up project strategically, fiscally, legally and financially. Baron Investment helps you to master these tasks professionally by specifying the business idea together with the ambitious founder, determining sufficient capital cover and implementing your vision in a future-oriented manner.

The following topics can be covered in a comprehensive start-up consultation:

  • Improvement & specification of the business idea
  • Creation & optimisation of the business plan
  • Choice of legal form for the start-up and protection of trademarks and domains
  • Search for investors & suitable forms of financing
  • Legal & fiscal support
  • Marketing & advertising materials
  • Management system & personnel management
  • Procurement of experts & development partners
  • Creation of websites & development of a distribution channel
  • Permits & insurances

Start-up support from A to Z

Start-up financing

The business plan is the basis for determining capital requirements. Within the framework of a profitability calculation, you can calculate possible profits and losses. With the numerous financing options and subsidies for business start-ups, a solid financing concept is then created. The offers range from direct financial subsidies and low-interest loans to equity capital subsidies and guarantees.

When it comes to raising capital, even today only very few start-ups can avoid traditional loans. Baron Investment has a broad network of capital providers (credit institutions, private equity, leasing, factoring, fintechs, etc.). With our contacts to more than 70 partner banks and leasing companies, you will find your suitable financing and thus facilitate the path to a successful start-up!

  • Raising capital & reviewing funding
  • Search for suitable start-up loans
  • Procurement of public funding programmes
  • Publicly funded investment companies
  • Guarantees from guarantee banks
  • Advice on various grants
  • Cooperation with banks for loan applications without a house bank
  • Establishment of creditor relations & rating improvements
  • Support in loan negotiations
  • Employee participation through virtual shares

Start-up support from A to Z

Support after the foundation

Once you have managed to build up your company and have established yourself in the market, Baron Investment will continue to stand by your side as a critical and constructive discussion partner. Because after a successful start-up, it is advisable to have the growth phase and service portfolios accompanied by an experienced partner.

To ensure that you can survive and grow in the market with your newly founded company in the future, we will continue to accompany you in asset management and capital procurement. Since entrepreneurial activities are always associated with uncertainties, we support you with our proven risk management and our real estate consultancy finds suitable office space for you.

  • Constructive discussion & development of a sustainable business model
  • Advice on all aspects of your operational finances
  • Risk analysis for your company
  • Real estate consulting – for a secure foundation
  • Individual software solutions
  • Management system and personnel management
  • Trademark & domain protection
  • Access to partner banks & leasing companies

Start-up support from A to Z

Training & webinars for start-ups

Business start-up training, specific specialist seminars, such as accounting seminars or webinars on all aspects of self-employment, are among the elementary events to prepare for a successful start-up. Our seminars on setting up a business deal with the following topics: Business registration, company and trade law, activities requiring a licence, structure of the business plan as well as financing and public subsidies.

Basic goals of the business start-up seminars

  • What will change in my life with self-employment?
  • What are the requirements that a start-up entrepreneur has to fulfil?
  • What requirements await me as a future entrepreneur?
  • What steps do I have to take on the way to self-employment?
  • What basic decisions do I have to make before and during the start-up?
  • Do I need further training or counselling to successfully start my self-employment?

Baron CarSharing & Rental Cars AG

Do you have an affinity for luxury vehicles and appreciate convincing design, state-of-the-art technologies and outstanding performance? Then you’ve come to the right place! Because Baron Investment helped develop an innovative concept for renting and purchasing high-class cars.

ehrenamt24 Benefits GmbH & Co. KG

ehrenamt24 is a strong community of experts that advises clubs and associations on all matters relating to digital solutions and their member services. Baron Investment provided the financial support.

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