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Raising capital

Regardless of whether you have just started up your business or you are already an experienced managing director – in order to achieve the company’s economic goals, every company has capital requirements that need to be met!

Baron Investment

For the future of your company!

Raising capital is of great importance for the future of your business. Because with an appropriately high level of capital, self-employed persons, small and medium-sized enterprises and freelancers can make investments, expand business areas, increase your liquidity and cover special payments.

There are many reasons for a need for capital – founding a company, raising liquid funds, optimising & modernising operational processes or averting an impending insolvency are just a few explanations why business managers regularly look for ways to raise capital. However, the list of possibilities to finance one’s projects is just as long.

The swarm makes it possible

Crowdfinancing is a way for companies to raise capital from small private investors. Crowdfunding helps SMEs especially in the pre-start-up phase – and to test ideas.

Raising capital - private and commercial

Today, capital is necessary in almost all areas so that one can consume as a private person and invest as a company. Therefore, raising capital is an important topic that concerns everyone.

Sustainable savings

Whether it’s a call money account or an investment fund: if you want to invest your money in an ecologically sustainable way, there are many options open to you. We show how much profit you can expect.

Baron Investment


For small and medium-sized enterprises, there are many different forms of financing besides the classic bank loan, leasing or factoring! The number of providers is also growing steadily. Keeping an overview and making the right choice is not easy. However, you can use the expertise of Baron Investment and our access to 54 partner banks and 25 leasing companies for your investment decisions.

Baron Investment

Determination of the financial requirements

Before raising capital can begin, it is necessary to determine the financing needs precisely. This may sound banal, but many companies fail at this point, because many important questions are often forgotten or not given sufficient attention.

Baron Investment’s comprehensive financing check therefore examines your company’s current financing and, on the basis of this, describes potential for improvement as well as alternative courses of action. After this detailed analysis, we work with you to develop a financing concept tailored to your company. In the process, a wide range of financing instruments are examined, taking into account the company’s objectives – including loans, factoring, leasing, mezzanine or private equity.

  • Financing check
  • Preparation of financing concepts
  • Improvement of the external credit rating
  • Preparation of a profit and loss account & presentation of profitability
  • Determination of liquidity requirements & investments
  • Development of a success-oriented business plan
  • Assistance in the search for investors and forms of financing
  • Equity financing (private equity, mezzanine) & debt financing (loans, guarantees)
  • Analysis of existing credit and collateral agreements

Baron Investment

Capital placement via our network

When it comes to raising capital, even today only very few companies can avoid traditional loans. Baron Investment therefore has a broad network of capital providers (banks, private equity, leasing, factoring, fintechs, etc.). With our contacts to more than 70 partner banks and leasing companies, you can find the financing that suits you best, thus easing the way to achieving your economic goals!

We prepare your loan documents, accompany you in negotiations with lenders and always strive to implement professional creditor relations. With the network of Baron Investment, you will find the right partner for your financing!

  • Search for and selection of suitable forms of credit (commercial loans, corporate loans, working capital loans)
  • Support in credit negotiations
  • Cooperation with over 50 banks for loan applications without a house bank
  • Guarantee of a surety bank in case of insufficient collateral
  • Contacts with over 25 leasing companies
  • Establishment of long-term creditor relations
  • Preparation of rating exposés

      Baron Investment

      Alternative financing options

      However, banks do not always agree with the ideas of entrepreneurs or refuse a loan due to a lack of collateral. Alternative financing methods have therefore long ceased to be financial niche products. Terms such as mezzanine financing forms, crowdfunding or venture capital are the best-known terms and should be considered by every entrepreneur who is interested in raising capital.

      The aim of our different financing methods is to present you with some alternatives to credit in view of the changed framework conditions of credit financing and to show you under which conditions your company can benefit from these diverging financing concepts.

      • Business Angels
      • Mezzanine forms of financing
      • Venture Capital
      • Private Equity & Participations
      • Credit from private investors
      • Crowdfunding
      • Leasing
      • Factoring
      • Securities or Lombard Loan
      • Subsidies

      Baron Investment


      Leasing has become a real alternative for SMEs in recent years. The leasing company takes over the financing of the object, giving the lessee financial leeway. In addition, dependence on credit institutions is reduced. Since the leasing instalments accrue parallel to the use of the object, the leasing object finances itself. The equity ratio and the company’s debt ratio also remain unchanged.

      At Baron Investment you have a choice of over 25 leasing companies. Since we do not specialise in individual market segments or sectors, this enables us to offer realisation solutions for medium-sized investments that go beyond pure financing. Our service is still free of charge for you, as we are remunerated by the leasing companies as a leasing broker.

      • Precise fit: Tailored to your specific requirements
      • Planning security: Leasing rate and term defined in advance
      • Flexibility: Conditions are largely freely negotiable
      • Liquidity effects: Leasing does not lead to a withdrawal of liquidity
      • Balance sheet effects: Leasing liabilities are not recognised in the balance sheet
      • Tax effects: Fully tax deductible as business expenses
      • approx. 15 % cheaper than the purchase of an investment object & approx. 5 % cheaper than a loan at usual bank conditions

      Baron Investment

      Real estate financing

      Whether for capital investors or owner-occupiers, one thing is certain: real estate pays off! It is not without reason that real estate ownership is one of the main pillars of tax-free wealth accumulation in Germany. And that is precisely why many people have long since internalised a piece of wisdom: tangible assets beat monetary assets!

      Our real estate experts at Baron Investment have therefore made it their business to support prospective buyers of private flats, commercial properties or even listed properties in the search for, valuation and financing of the desired properties. In short, we aim to be a real estate broker you can count on!

      • Real estate brokerage (owner-occupied, commercial & listed properties)
      • Purchase & sale of real estate
      • Financing of renovations
      • Building savings
      • WohnRiester
      • Insurance for loan protection

      Baron Investment

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