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Management Consulting

Whether in risk management, capital procurement, real estate consulting, corporate succession, business start-ups or as a competent partner in digitalisation,
at Baron Investment you will receive detailed advice for the future of your company.


Risk Management

Every entrepreneurial activity is associated with uncertainties. The investment advisors at Baron Investment understand how important it is to evaluate internal business processes and identify risk potential at an early stage. Our systems inform you about potential risks at an early stage.

Baron Investment

Raising Capital

For your business to grow, it needs fresh capital. The road to attracting new investors can sometimes be quite rocky. In order to set the right course, it pays to bring an experienced partner on board with Baron Investment.

Baron Investment

Real Estate Consulting

Real estate is currently one of the most popular investment goods. Whether for capital investment or for the expansion of one’s own company, one thing is certain: real estate ownership also pays off for companies!
Especially in turbulent times, real estate brings stability to the financial portfolio and offers security and tax advantages in addition to a lucrative return.   


Company Succession

Early planning is essential for a successful business succession to the next generation. In addition to taking legal, tax and business management factors into account, it is very important to maintain the corporate culture that has been created. We advise you on your company succession!

Baron Investment

Setting up a Business (Start-Up)

The most important thing on the way to a successful start-up is competent planning. It is essential for anyone interested in setting up a business to find suitable financing methods. Only solid financing will give you the necessary freedom to build up your business!

Baron Investment

Digitalisation (Baron-Tech)

As soon as operational processes become more complex or individual, standard software solutions quickly reach their limits. So if you want to make your internal processes simpler and more efficient, you need a software solution tailored to your needs, which can ideally be linked to your existing IT system.

Baron Investment

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